50 curiosities about Paco Jémez on his 50th birthday

first_img33. Still remembered his criticism of the system when Zidane didn’t have the coach’s permission. “If it lacks a little, it is that it does not have it,” he said in one of his most iconic appearances.3. 4. Ancelotti ended up applauding him at the end of a Ray 2-Real Madrid 3, in recognition of the superb match of the Vallecano team.35. He showed his passport at a press conference del Rayo. He wanted to show that he had not met Lim in Singapore to sign for Valencia. 43. He has only beaten Real Madrid once as a coach. Embarba made it 1-0 on penalties last season. “I thought I would never beat him, I can die calmly now.” Being a Zaragoza player he also won, no more and no less, than by 1-5. “Few can say it. They changed me that day, but I enjoyed it like a dwarf.”44. Not only has he been a player and a coach, he was a commentator in Onda Cero and GOL.45. Take care. He does not forgive going to the gym. Now he has improvised one at home for confinement. Yes, He does not forgive his appointment at 8:00 p.m., when he goes out to applaud the balcony to honor the heroes of this epidemic.46. ​​More than series is documentaries, sports venues and movies.47. Knows play the guitar and sings. 16. He has in his record as a defense: three cups of the king (one with Depor, 94-95 and two with Zaragoza, 00-01 and 03-04), a super cup (with Depor, 95-96) and a promotion to First (with Zaragoza, 02-03).17. He experienced the postponement of the Cup final between Valencia and Deportivo (94-95) due to a hailstorm during the match at the Bernabéu: “Stones fell like tennis balls. We had to run away with our hands on our heads because if I gave you one it would kill you. “Of course, the wait was worth it and he won it with the Galician team.18. The best player he has seen on the field: Ronaldo Nazario.19. He debuted with the Camacho Selection on September 23, 1998 (He learned about the call from a journalist) and played 21 matches as an international. Including Euro Cup 2000. “When Raúl failed, the penalty was an hour crying in the shower, like a cupcake.” 40. Not exactly sleepy. Sleep just five hours. He had trouble falling asleep during his time in Mexico. In fact, he went through the doctor’s office for that.41. A Mexican fan threatened his daughter and Paco dedicated a comb to her for which he received a heavy financial fine ($ 8,500), but the Cruz Azul supporters showed him some shirts with the gesture and the hashtag # TodosSomosJémez.42. The women in your life. His daughter Nadia he lives in Madrid and his wife Vaneska and his other daughter Carla, in A Coruña. His mother and sister, in Córdoba. 48. Has enough ability to do magic tricks.49. Coronavirus has been the cherry on top of its most difficult year since sitting on the bench. He has not been without problems since the descent: the animation strike, the sanction for the insults to Zozulia, four serious injuries, the departure of Embarba in the winter market, the ‘Advíncula Case’ …fifty. He has repeated it over and over: “I don’t like VAR.” It is more, it emphasizes that “without him everything was much better”. 4. He was a good student: he finished FP, he made COU to present himself to Selectividad and enrolled in Technical Engineering. He completed the first year, but from the second it was impossible for him to make university compatible with soccer.5. Your long mane He became a saint and hallmark of his time as central.6. He played at Santaella, Third, from September to December 1988. This team has currently disappeared, but it was then a subsidiary of Córdoba. Hence, he left on loan those months.7. His first steps as a player were in Córdoba. I was going to Vespino to train, Then he asked his companion Miguel Ángel Portugal for the Ford Capri.8. During that time, stayed at Paco’s parents’ house. Some of the players with whom he shared costumes they still remember the crumbs their mother made.9. Camacho made him debut with Rayo in First and that 92-93 season he played it all. Something that only Voro (Valencia) and he did. He had a difficult job in his premiere in the elite: covering Penev. “Come on, I did not give hosts that day.”10. Being in the Ray, Paco faced Maradona when he was playing for Sevilla. He had to dial him and Suker. “He warmed up with his boots unbuttoned, his stockings down and in his air, kicking the aluminum foil balls that were pulling his sandwiches.” Keep a photo of that game at home. He also covered Butragueño, Zamorano … In fact, after playing a great game scoring the Chilean, he was found in Joy Eslava that night. “Are you going to be touching my eggs here too?” Laughed the striker before hugging him. eleven. Polsner He lived near Paco during that stage and they went down together to train. They were taking turns: once in one car and another in the other. Paco was driving him in his Super 5 turbo and I had to push the seat backwards because the attacker could not fit.12. Paco signed for Deportivo as a bet of President Lendoiro. Arsenio did not want him, claiming that he did not need more centrals, and told him in front of him. He barely had minutes. With Toshack he played everything.13. He was part of Deportivo who lost a League due to Djukic’s missed penalty (93-94). He and Paco were neighbors. That day when they left the stadium the Galician fans turned to the Serbian. “They were grabbing him and I lost him.”14. Had a psychologist at Zaragoza because that team was complicated. It lasted three days. “He said he had no fix.”fifteen. He returned to Rayo and retired because of Ruiz Mateos. After the descent they told him that they were happy with his continuity, but suddenly they put him on the sidelines with Zambrano and Xavi Roca. With one day to go before the market closed, they gave him a dismissal letter. Nothing convincing came in January and he was forced to hang up his boots. “I will not forgive that. They are a rabble.” 27. He is a great motivator. He put the families of the Rayo players in the locker room to be part of the talk of the last game of the historic season of eighth place. He repeated it in Cruz Azul.28. During that time on the Rayo bench in Primera (2012-16) it sounded like national selector in several occasions.29. It is a obsessed with punctuality and discipline. his demanding character He led players like Trashorras, Piti, Bueno, Saúl, Leo Baptistao, Gálvez, Larrivey, Kakuta, Llorente, Jozabed …30. It took Rayo’s staff to help deliver food and have lunch to a soup kitchen of the neighborhood without the press knowing.31. He was paying the rent of his apartment to Carmen Martínez Ayuso, an old woman who was going to be evicted in Vallecas, for several years.32. He gave a talk to the inmates of the Madrid VI Penitentiary Center in Aranjuez. More than a hundred prisoners attended, many from Vallecas and del Rayo. 23. You have always admitted that he would like to coach those teams where he played. He has already done it with Córdoba and Rayo. His pending subject would be Murcia, Deportivo and Zaragoza.24. Made history with Rayo 2012-13. That team led by Paco finished the season eighth and did not play Europe for the Creditors’ Competition. It was the third team in Europe in possession of the ball (58.13% on average), only behind Barça and Bayern. And that with the lowest budget in the category (€ 7.5M).25. For many it is a kamikaze, but it prints the bravery as a hallmark to their teams. He coined that mythical phrase from “go out the big door or through the infirmary.”26. It was also common to see him in First leaving a defense of three or making a change in the first minutes of the game. Furthermore, their teams always took off in the second laps. 22. Why a seasoned footballer bets on associative and offensive football as a coach? He admired Bebeto (“I have never seen anyone define him like him”), Rivaldo (“the person I have seen the most Coca Cola drink in my life, even having breakfast”), Martín Vázquez (“pure elegance”) … with the who played and wanted his teams to follow that pattern. “Before they used to tell you: you cut and give it to the one closest to you.” He wanted something more. 36. Her tears spilled as the 2015-16 decline was consummated.. Despite the fact that the fans sang ‘Paco, stay’, he ended up signing for Granada. What supposed a distance with the swollen vallecana.37. His adventure in the Nasrid bench was the shortest: six days. The team only scored two points.38. He has not mincing words. It is clear with the managers, the players, the fans, the journalists … Hence his encounters with the incisive Mexican Press at Cruz Azul.39. Lived an earthquake in September 2017 and took to the streets (wearing a cap and sunglasses trying not to be recognized) to distribute food among the victims. 370 people died in Mexico. twenty. Golf is his other great passion. He came to have a 1’4 handicap and he was about to be professional. In summer he usually plays with another crazy man of this sport, Pep Guardiola. Already in the Selection they escaped together to practice and Camacho ended up finding out.21. Was a partner of Guardiola with Spain for three years and together they took out the coach card. Both have drunk from Cruyff. Paco Jémez turns 50 in full confinement due to the coronavirus epidemic. Yet another experience for one of the most versatile coaches in our football. Throughout this half century, Paco has a long history as a player and coach, collecting a multitude of anecdotes and curiosities. Today we shelled 50, one for each candle that will blow this Saturday. As long as I get a cake … “I cook, but I don’t control how to make it myself”, he confessed to AS with a laugh. Paco Jémez, genius and figure.1. Francisco Jémez Martín was born in Las Palmas on April 18, 1970. His father’s work commitments gave him birth on the island circumstantially, since it was in Córdoba where he grew up.two. His father was the flamenco singer Lucas de Écija, who went on to release two albums. Great figures such as Vicente Amigo have paraded around Paco’s house. He died in January 2018 at the age of 88.3. Any advice? From his father Lucas: “If someday you can help someone, do it“last_img