Iñaki Williams: “I have one more year to show that I can be on Luis Enrique’s list”

first_imgThe striker of the Athletic, Iñaki Williams, reiterated his goal of intervening in the 2021 Euro Cup in Bilbao with the Spanish team with terrain in between for its postponement due to the coronavirus pandemic, since it has “one more year to demonstrate” Luis Enrique that can be sneaked this time into the list of summoned from La Roja. Williams reveals part of his routine at this time, confined to his home: “I spend a lot of time exercising, watching series like La Casa de Papel, being with the girlfriend, I thought I was going to have a much worse time“he points out, with his parents and his younger brother Nico, who is a member of the Juvenil de Honor de Athletic, in Pamplona since they were caught there opening the confinement. “My mother, as she is bored, makes me video calls every two by three, we talk a lot”, reveals sarcastically. Live in Bilbao center, which is why “it is strange, there is no one on the street, everything is desolate. On the walk to the supermarket it is strange that nobody stops me, that there are no people. It is sad that the city is like this. People are respecting stay at home”. They cannot approach him and in the supermarket some fan says to him: “I would take a picture of myself, but we cannot”. Regarding his practice with the play, he stresses that “I have improved somewhat, but I am still a package”. They maintain a plannig of the template that is updated every day by the wasap group to share the tasks: “They brought us a treadmill, stationary bike, mats, tires, everything you need and I’m burning the treadmill”. He usually talks to his colleagues, videos are sent, especially dialogues with Muniain, with Unai, with Yeray. “We are all connected and they are missed,” he remarks. The lion does not hide that they would need “a preseason” to return to the competition: “It is true that we are used to playing every four or five days, but making tape at home is not – much less – like running in the field. I want to sprint again in good condition and run like a gazelle. It would be absurd to think about competing again without doing a little preseason, “Williams said in remarks to The spar of the BE. “If we want to return to that rhythm of competition that we had before the break, we need this because if there cannot be many injuries and upsets,” he added Williams, who is clear that “the most important thing” is to think “the first, in people’s health “, even if you have to play without fans in the stadiums when LaLiga returns. “If they tell me that without an audience it will be good for everyone’s health, you have to have a head and common sense. We have to think of everyone. If they guarantee it, effectively, I would play without an audience, “confessed the striker Athletic, although for the Cup final he trusts “finding the solution so that everyone can enjoy “the desired Basque derby against Real.Williams continues to appeal for caution. Soccer is secondary. “I still do not consider it. There are still people who die every day, many affected and we continue to go out at eight to applaud all the toilets. I look out because I like to set an example. You have to support those who are risking their lives “, points out the rojiblanco winger, one of the fastest players in the league. And launched, for boaters, that “We are going to value many things that previously we surely did not do because we could do it at any time.”The Spanish team does not forget it or the shore. He is young and feels with renewed strength: “I have that illusion, now I have one more year to show that I can be on that list. Hopefully the little ball will come in and everything will be easier. I, of course, will give everything I have to be able to be “ditch Williams. Regarding possible financial adjustment agreements with the club, he maintains that it belongs to the captains and that it will be “very easy” to reach an agreement with Athletic. 9last_img