Stories of the Coliseum: from Galacticide to the red one to Ronaldo

first_imgThe Coliseum, opened on August 30, 1998, does not bring too many good memories to Real Madrid. Getafe has often become aggravated by the visits of whites, repeated since 2005 thanks to the settlement of the azulones in the elite car of Spanish football. These are some of my memories in the Coliseum … Schuster’s sentence. On November 29, 2008, Madrid de Bernd succumbed (3-1) and the German signed the letter of his dismissal by stating later that “defeat does not hurt; We could never win this match. ” The settlement came a week later after falling at the Bernabéu against Sevilla.Karim @ Christian. On January 18, 2015, the Ancelotti signed a great victory in the Coliseum. Codina’s stops made the can not open until in 63 ’Benzema made a great play, like Butragueño against Cádiz in Copa, assisting Cristiano. Bale and CR7 himself signed an incontestable 0-3. But it’s not usual in Getafe … Ramos, hero. On September 30, 2007, Madrid de Schuster won by a lonely and heroic goal by Sergio Ramos, who ended up crashing into the goal post of Ustari. The other hero was Casillas, with seven stops that prevented Getafe from giving the white giant a new dislike.center_img ‘The Galacticide’. On March 13, 2005, the Madrid of Luxembourg (the coach of the ‘magic square’) definitely lost the League by falling 2-1 to a Getafe who signed the win with goals from Albiol and Riki. Solari scored the ‘honor’ goal in the 90s ’and not even his teammates tried to get fast in search of a draw. Four days earlier, Juventus had eliminated Madrid from the Champions …Red to Ronaldo. Geuster of Schuster defeated Madrid de Capello on October 14, 2006. The only goal of the match was Alexis. It was the day of the only expulsion of Ronaldo Nazario in our League. The referee González Vázquez took the red one, although it seems incredible, because the Brazilian told him “you are a phenomenon”. Ronaldo would later say: “Telling him that it is a phenomenon is not a bad thing. If I get to insult you, he sends me three months to jail. And if I talk to him about his mother he shoots me …”.last_img