Poll Own up Have you ever parked in a disabled space

first_imgA EUROPEAN ELECTION candidate came in for criticism yesterday after her campaign van was seen parked in a disabled parking spot outside a Westmeath Centra.An “honest mistake” by the driver, the candidate said… But are the rest of us fully qualified to cast the first stone?Last week, a judge called the practice of able-bodied motorists parking in illegal spots “boorish” and banned a driver from the roads for six months.Time to confess (you’ll feel better). Have you ever illegally parked in a disabled space? Never. How could you even ask? (7909) Yes. Often. (236) Yes. But just for a few minutes – that’s okay, right? (1095) Yes. Often.Yes. But just for a few minutes – that’s okay, right?Never. How could you even ask?Yes. But I have a permit.Vote Poll Results: Yes. But I have a permit. (494)last_img