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Even before Supreme Court rulings forbade executing mentally disabled criminals, Lautenberg and representatives Frank Pallone Jr./LucasArts, Minot flood survivors and African refugees who’ve settled in town"Grand Forks is a nice town People are nice here for the most part" he said "I want to help the community"The Salvation Army’s Christmas fundraising campaign officially starts 4 pm Wednesday at the Hugo’s store on 32rd Avenue South featuring a huge kettle and live musicThe overall goal is $350000 according to the group’s Maj Jonathan FjellmanHoliday fund raising "helps us all year long" he said supporting a food pantry coat distribution summer day camp schoolsupplies for children and housing and travel assistanceAnother thing the money pays for is tonight’s Thanksgiving dinner free and open to those in need It starts 5:30 pm at Salvation Army headquarters at 1600 University Ave in Grand Forks Last year more than 300 took part in the eventLast Christmas 400 families a total of 1287 people received food and toys Fjellman said Families can still register for this program "Businesses can adopt one of those families and provide food and toys for those families"Paid helpersThe Salvation Army will have roughly 90 bell-ringers at many Grand Forks stores: Cabela’s Home of Economy Kmart L&M Meats Sam’s Club Scheels Super One Foods Wal-Mart Macy’s JC Penney’s and Sears Also offering support are Hugo’s and Valley Dairy which encourages donorsA few bell ringers like Seloover are paid said Maj Linda Fjellman "Some are living at the mission They don’t have much so this helps them get back on their feet"Seloover said he stays with friends and sometimes at the Northlands Rescue Mission and he gets by working odd jobs here and occasionally in Fargo "I’m just thankful that the Salvation Army is here to provide me with work until Christmas Eve"He said he hopes to land a job at one of the new restaurants opening in town "If I was employed and getting paid I’d probably try to squeeze out a few hours to help them out" he said The Salvation Army helps "in a lot of areas" he saidTo volunteer to ring bells contact The Salvation Army at (701) 775-2597In its biggest acquisition yet tech giant Facebook has snapped up popular messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion in cash and stock The acquisition finally makes Facebook a big player in the world of mobile messaging a sector that has risen quickly and diverted some users attention away from the worlds largest social network "Our goal for FB over the next few years is to deliver a set of new mobile products that allow people to share any type of content with any set of people they want" Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a conference call with investors "WhatsApp fits this vision perfectly The combo with Facebook will help strengthen both services" WhatsApp has quickly risen to the top of the ranks of messaging apps Launched in 2009 by ex-Yahoo staffers Jan Koum and Brian Acton the program allows users to send text and photo messages to each other via the Internet instead of through cellular service WhatsApp currently has 450 million active users and adds 1 million new users each day the company says Zuckerberg said WhatsApp was the only highly used app hed seen that gets greater daily engagement than Facebook Under Facebook WhatsApp will continue to operate as an independent brand as Instagram has since Facebook acquired it for $715 million in 2012 Koum will continue leading WhatsApp’s development and serve on Facebooks board of directors The deal which is composed of $4 billion in cash $12 billion in stock and $3 billion in restricted stock for WhatsApp founders and employees is expected to close before the end of the year Facebook has long been looking for a way to elbow its way into the messaging space which has exploded in popularity as people dump traditional texting plans in favor of Internet-based services Facebook has its own app called Messenger which it says will continue to operate independently of WhatsApp The Japanese service Line has emerged as a popular competitor that now boasts over 300 million registered users Kik which claims to be popular among teenagers has 100 million registered users And of course theres Snapchat which has been in the media spotlight ever since it reportedly turned down a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook Suddenly though Facebook has them all beat The company has spent the last two years trying to quickly adapt its desktop-first business into a mobile-first one WhatsApps rapid growth on mobile seems to be the main thing that appealed to (or alarmed) Zuckerberg "We think that WhatsApp is on a clear path to have a billion people using their product" he said Judging by Koums past statements the pairing of the two companies may seem like a clash of ideologies In a 2012 blog post the WhatsApp CEO derided Internet firms that generate profits by leveraging peoples data to sell ads "We wanted to make something that wasnt just another ad clearinghouse" he wrote "Remember when advertising is involved you the user are the product" Facebook generated almost $7 billion as an "ad clearing house" in 2013 But both Zuckerberg and Koum said they had no intention of bringing ads to WhatsApp "I dont personally think ads are the right way to monetize messaging" Zuckerberg said Instead the company will continue to expand its subscription service Right now in select countries WhatsApp charges users a $099 annual subscription fee after the first year of use Zuckerberg called this a "promising" monetization model though he wouldnt disclose how much money WhatsApp has made off this model so far (On its website WhatsApp claims that it is profitable) In the long run WhatsApp may become the first Facebook service that isnt monetized through ads Facebook Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman said wireless carriers still generate $100 billion annually in text message fees Now Facebook is positioned to steal a portion of that pie "[WhatsApp] is a company of really hardcore engineers who are obsessing over perfecting messaging not adding a lot of bloated features into a messaging app" Zuckerberg said "Over time I think people are going to pay for that" Write to Victor Luckerson at [email protected] Alves de Azevedo 20 clutched the arm of her boyfriend with trepidation as a rainstorm as severe as many in this corner of northeastern Brazil could remember thundered outside the familys concrete terraced house In her other arm she cradled her 3-month-old daughter Anna Sophia who gargled gently with eyes closed as her hands grasped at air Born weighing 68 lb after a "perfect" pregnancy it was only after the birth that the worry began Read More: WHO Declares Zika an International Health Emergency "It was just her head" Azevedo says It was just a little bit too small Her daughter was later confirmed to have microcephaly the condition that has surged alarmingly in newborns in Brazil since last year and often causes brain damage Instead of coming home her daughter remained in the hospital for 26 days for tests Most everything else about her is normal the family says except for glaucoma cataracts and acid reflux She does not seem in pain or cry more than other infants as can happen in some severe cases and her hearing appears sound But Azevedo and her boyfriend Leandro Brito Nery 29 can now only wait Doctors say they cannot yet tell if Anna Sophia will be able to walk or talk or even how long she will live "It was difficult at first you feel this depression come over you" Azevedo says "But now we do not lament that she is different We have so much hope for her life" The city of Recife with a metro population of 39 million has become the center of a health crisis with a surge of microcephaly cases that may be linked to the rapidly spreading tropical Zika virus as is believed by health officials in Brazil Read More: Inside a Center for Babies Born With Zika-Related Birth Defects Doctors have identified 4180 suspected cases of microcephaly in Brazil since October with nearly a third in the state of Pernambuco of which Recife is the capital and almost 9 in 10 in the northeast region known for its beautiful beaches and stark poverty Two hundred and seventy have been confirmed as microcephaly and six of those mothers are confirmed to have contracted Zika Of the remainder 3448 cases are still being investigated with 462 ruled to have been false alarms In all of 2014 the country had 147 cases of microcephaly Alice Vitoria Gomes Bezerra 3 months old who has microcephaly is held by her mother Nadja Cristina Gomes Bezerra in Recife Brazil on Jan 31 2016 Mario Tama—Getty Images Here in Recife hundreds of young mothers are going through the same emotions as Azevedo and many can be found visibly distraught in the tattered waiting room of the Oswaldo Cruz public hospital which is dealing with about 300 of the cases "In 43 years as a doctor I have seen outbreaks of polio and cholera but never anything as shocking as this" says Dr Angela Rocha head of the infectious-disease unit "The panic stress and uncertainty of these women it is difficult to watch" Like dengue yellow fever and chikungunya the Zika virus is borne by mosquitoes and has generally been confined to equatorial Africa and Asia Its presence in Brazil was confirmed in May 2015 but it was not initially considered a threat The virus causes a rash and relatively mild flulike symptoms in 1 out of every 5 people who contract it; the rest generally show no symptoms It is estimated to have already infected between 400000 and 14 million people in Brazil and is spreading rapidly through Latin America It was the birth of a boy with microcephaly in a small town in the arid countryside of Pernambuco in July that began the chain of events that led to the World Health Organization to declare today that Zika is an international public-health emergency the first since Ebola The boy a twin was born with a head circumference of 28 cm says Dr Vanessa Van Der Linden a neuro-pediatrician who saw him in the first week of August at the Hospital Barão de Lucena in Recife where she works "It was really obvious disproportional" she says holding a graph showing the normal range for head circumference between 32 cm and 38 cm During the pregnancy the mother had suffered a red rash on her arm A CT scan indicated the cause of microcephaly was likely an infection rather than a genetic abnormality In the middle of September Van Der Linden saw another three babies with suspected microcephaly in one day and then two more the next week Normally she would see one a month Later that month her mother also a neuro-pediatrician in Recife called her and said she had seen seven such patients on the same day The younger doctor estimates she has now seen 40 such cases a near 10-fold increase The two doctors notified state health officials in early October who began to investigate a sample of cases By early November Brazils Health Ministry declared a national emergency based on 141 cases in Pernambuco alone By the end of November 1248 cases were suspected nationally By Christmas Eve it was 2782 "The increase in the circulation of Zika is a new public-health phenomenon" says Recifes health secretary Dr Jailson Correia a pediatrician who studied infectious diseases at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the UK and is now leading his citys fight against Zika "We had no previous experience" The crisis comes at a bad time and a bad place with Brazil facing its worst recession since 1901 and the northeast region historically one of the countrys most deprived In Pernambuco more than 650000 households live on less than the minimum wage of $220 a month according to the most recent census All the doctors and officials who spoke to TIME admitted Brazils public-health system is seriously underfunded The city of Recife asked for $725 million in federal money to fight the crisis and has so far received $320000 Correia says As he gives an interview the lights in the city hall flicker on and off in the storm A vaccine remains many years away but the likely commercial demand for one could hasten progress says Professor Scott Weaver director of the Institute for Human Infections and Immunity at the University of Texas Medical Branch "Within three years I would expect there to be the first clinical trials on humans" he says "But after that it becomes more challenging as you will need to find a large exposed population to be tested on which might not be immediately possible" See the Impact of Zika in Brazil Mylene Helena Ferreira holds her five-month-old son David Henrique Ferreira who has microcephaly in Recife Brazil Jan 25 2016 Mario Tama—Getty Images Homes are lit as the sun goes down in Ibura one of the neighborhoods with the highest numbers of suspected cases of children born with microcephaly in Recife Brazil Jan 27 2016 Felipe Dana—AP Soldiers inspect a house during an operation against the Aedes aegyti mosquito in Recife Brazil Jan 27 2016 Health authorities in the state at the center of a Zika outbreak have been overwhelmed by the surge of babies born with microcephaly a neurological disorder associated with the mosquito-borne virus Ueslei Marcelino—Reuters A technician of the Fiocruz Institute stores Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to be used in research in Recife Brazil Jan 27 2016 Felipe Dana—AP Doctors scan the brain of a newborn to detect microcephaly a neurological disorder associated with the Zika virus at the Obras Sociais Irma Dulce hospital in Salvador Brazil Jan 27 2016 Christophe Simon—AFP/Getty Images Staff prepare to draw blood from Ludmilla Hadassah Dias de Vasconcelos who has microcephaly at the Oswaldo Cruz Hospital in Recife Brazil Jan 26 2016 Ueslei Marcelino—Reuters Matheus Lima 22 holds his two-year-old son Pietro who suffers from microcephaly at his home in Salvador Brazil Jan 28 2016 Christophe Simon—AFP/Getty Images Girls gather nearby as health workers fumigate against the mosquito that transmits the Zika virus in Recife Brazil Jan 28 2016 Health officials believe as many as 100000 people have been exposed to the Zika virus in Recife although most never develop symptoms Mario Tama—Getty Images Gisele Felix who is five months pregnant stands on a terrace next to her son Joao at her home in Rio de Janeiro Brazil Jan 28 2016 Felix who is concerned about the Zika virus has not gone out of her house during her 30-day vacation keeping all the windows and doors closed in an effort to keep out mosquitoes Pilar Olivares—Reuters 1 of 9 Advertisement For now much effort in Brazil is being put into educating the public to the risks "While we do not have a vaccine against the Zika virus the war must be concentrated on the elimination of breeding grounds of the mosquito" President Dilma Rousseff said last week "Getting rid of Zika is the responsibility of all of us" Contact us at [email protected] Matt Sullivan—Getty Images Philosopher and academic Cornel West, director of research at amfAR, Though the device is technically still in beta, Hong Kong. as in this video."But these are bold,上海千花网Rashanda, its Head of Public Affairs.

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