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He went "Oh my God Im not telling you" so I [assumed] oh Im going to die And then I went straight to the end I was really in shock I think obviously now theres got to be some body count at the end of [season] 8 This is the year What was it like emotionally shooting "Mothers Mercy" The "walk of shame" is one of the most memorable moments from the show but the degree of difficulty is etched all over your face When I initially met David and Dan that was the end of her journey as far as I knew I had considered her entire story up until that point this whole thing of building somebody up to drag them under And yet they still wont drown Ive known [director] David Nutter a long time and hes a brilliant prepared empathetic leader It was a tricky one because obviously I had a stand-in Rebecca It was a three-day shoot with a lot of extras and a lot of people very near you I really wanted to be in a headspace to be able to connect on an emotional level If Im stark bollock naked for three days with people touching me its just going to feel really off-putting Im going to be aware of that rather than being able to just give it what I need emotionally It wasnt like I was walking around in a suit of armor I had strips of fabric on that were flesh-colored I loved it I enjoy moments like that It was the moment I knew Cersei would get to and everything up to that point was poured into those three days It was tiring but Im really grateful for those moments as an actor As youve shown more and more of Cerseis character has the way fans respond to you changed over time Ive always really fought for her especially early on because she had seemed just to be a self-serving manipulator As weve grown to know her a bit more we see that shes a woman surviving in a really s–tty world desperate to be heard saying something seven times when a man says it once I get people saying what a great performance and thats obviously a very nice thing to hear But its changed a little bit because at the beginning people were like [in American accent] "Oh my God youre such a bitch" Whats moving is that people love her now and want to be on her team Does her confidence rub off on you Is it easier to play a character whos so rarely outwardly rattled No I mean I am Im a nerd and quite shy and suffer massive anxiety So for me its a real challenge to play her I always shatter at the end of a season because I give it everything Shes got this storm inside human pain that we all identify with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister and Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister Helen Sloan—HBO Helen Sloan—HBO How did you work with Nikolaj to build chemistry in a relationship that makes most people deeply uncomfortable We talk about it a lot I love to talk about all of it Im such a nerd I think David and Dan probably say "Oh not another f—ing email” Im quite thorough with all of that setting it straight and then you can be free to really go there as long as your foundations solid and something doesnt seem ridiculous or unnecessary or sort of questionable With Cersei and Jaime weve always talked about it Cerseis always wanted to be him Therefore for her that relationship is completion Theres been an envy because he was born with privilege just for being a man I think their love was built on respect He truly loves her hes truly in love with Cersei but I dont think her love was pure love I think it was respect and a kind of need Does the giant scale of the production distract you from the character and the job Yeah I think thats why for me it gets really f—ing tiring Im not naturally focused; Im a bit of a squirrel with 20 bags of nuts everywhere So for me to be Cersei I have to lock it down I have to sit in this place and be there through all of the bonkers extra happenings on the show When Emilia does her dragon riding Im thinking "How does she do it" Its so impressive that shes so commanding and this big warrior queen when shes sitting on top of a green beanbag really What other questions do you ask David and Dan when you email them My brain sort of explodes I just like to find all of her motivations Theres never just one or two with Cersei theres always like seven Theyre totally responsive and brilliant Im just sure behind closed doors theyre like Oh f— whos going to answer this one Contact us at [email protected] California marijuana club posing as a fake church was unmasked this week after police seized more than $20000 worth of weed products from the dispensary The illegal marijuana dispensary called itself The Citadel Church of La Puente and sold marijuana edibles such as chocolate bars and concentrated marijuana like wax SF Gate reports The club had between $20000 and $30000 worth of marijuana products in stock Police took between four and five pounds of marijuana products from the dispensary three digital scales and surveillance equipment CBS Los Angeles reports The fake church has a license to repair cell phones from the city of La Puente according to SF Gate Authorities started looking into whether the “church” was running a drug operation after receiving complaints prompting a three-week investigation Police arrested three adults including one gang member at the scene who were cited and released the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said in a press release Write to Mahita Gajanan at [email protected] they remain firmly attached to rocks on the sea floor and other surfaces for most of their lives ocean-dwelling tubeworms spend their early days as free-swimming larvae looking for a place to call home A key factor in their decision to latch on somewhere is the presence of certain bacteria Now researchers have discovered that these bacteria prepare a microscopic welcome mat which apparently invites the larvae to settle down and grow up—triggering the animal’s dramatic metamorphosis into its adult tubelike form The finding might lead to new ways of discouraging tubeworms from taking up residence on ship hulls and other humanmade objects where they cause billions of dollars of damage each year Scientists knew that the presence of certain bacteria helps trigger the larvae of the tubeworm Hydroides elegans to attach to a surface and metamorphose But no one could explain how the microbes prompt this dramatic transformation one of the most decisive steps in the animal’s life cycle While studying one of those triggers the bacterium Pseudoalteromonas luteoviolacea Nicholas Shikuma a microbiologist at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena and his colleagues found that it carries a set of genes for making elaborate structures that resemble bits of phages viruses that infect bacteria Similar structures are well known to microbiologists; many bacteria use them as weapons to kill other bacteria or to harm animal hosts Yet no one had found any example in which they were beneficial to an animal But when Shikuma and his colleagues knocked out the genes and cultured the mutant bacteria together with tubeworm larvae they did not trigger a metamorphosis The team calls the structures metamorphosis-associated contractile structures or MACs for short The researchers teamed up with Caltech structural biologist Grant Jensen and his colleagues to image the bacteria They found that about 2% of the cells in a P luteoviolacea colony produce the MACs Once a bacterium fills with MACs it breaks open and releases hundreds of the structures The tails of the MACs join together to form a net while their heads resemble tiny spring-loaded hypodermic needles the team reports online today in Science When a larva touches the net the needles release Dianne Newman the microbiologist at Caltech in whose lab Shikuma did the research says that the needles firing might help signal to the larvae that the surface is a promising place to live although the exact mechanism isn’t yet known It’s not clear why the bacteria make the arrays she says It’s possible that the microbes somehow benefit from the tubeworm’s presence But it may simply be a random phenomenon in the bacterial cells that the tubeworm has adapted to take advantage of “What is really striking is that for the first time these structures are doing something that benefits the animal” she says It’s doubtful that the bacteria evolved the signal to attract tubeworms says microbiologist Edward Ruby of the University of Wisconsin Madison More likely it’s simply an environmental cue the larvae recognize “It’s like the sun coming up” he says “Every time I see it I know it’s a good surface to land on” Similar interactions probably determine where many marine invertebrates settle says marine biologist and co-author Michael Hadfield of the Kewalo Marine Laboratory at the University of Hawaii Manoa (Shikuma started the project as a graduate student in Hadfield’s lab) A type of coral and a species of sea urchin also settle in response to P luteoviolacea he notes “It’s very likely the same mechanism” he predicts Genes similar to the ones for MACs have also been found in other marine bacteria The work “is cracking the doors on an entire field” Ruby says Scientists have recognized that bacteria were important he says “but now it becomes a science not just an observation” Understanding the MACs will likely be crucial to marine conservation efforts—both to discourage the growth of invasive species and encourage endangered ones he says The ship industry would certainly welcome any new way to discourage tubeworm growth although Newman cautions that such practical application is a long way off “The first step is identifying how [the MACs] interact with the animal before we could do anything to rationally block it” Im sure getting the seat of power is never comfortable on every level.

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