Rockstar needs a PC graphics programmer is it for GTA V

first_imgPC gamers have a love/hate relationship with Rockstar Games. We love playing Grand Theft Auto games, but we hate having to wait several months after console releases to get them. Things hit an all time low with the release of GTA IV because the PC version wasn’t just released months later, it was buggy as hell at launch.With GTA V heading to Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year, PC gamers were gearing up for several months of waiting again. But then Rockstar didn’t even announce the game was coming to PC. All we have is confirmation from Rockstar they are considering the game for PC, but there’s no guarantee.Some hope has appeared, though, in the form of a job listing that appeared for the Rockstar Leeds development studio. The listing has since been taken down, but not before PC Gamer got a good look at it. The job being advertised was for a graphics programmer, with their main task being to “help bring our latest titles to the PC platform.”There’s only two fairly recent titles that Rockstar would need ported to PC: Red Dead Redemption and GTA V. Based on the age of Red Dead, GTA V seems like the more likely title to be ported, right?Porting GTA V to PC also makes a lot of sense for another reason: both the PS4 and Xbox One have x86 architectures. A version of the game running on a Windows PC should also be easy to tweak for playing on both next-gen consoles. Add in a bit of extra content and Rockstar could re-release the game for Sony and Microsoft’s latest platforms late this year or early next.For now, I’m just hopeful Rockstar has decided to bring the game to PC. The fact they don’t have the staff to do it yet is a bit disheartening, but then maybe it will only take a few months to do the work and get the game out the door.Now read: GTA V gameplay trailer now available to watchlast_img